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Third Phase Coaching deliver culture and performance change for small and medium sized organisations through developing their individual, team and leadership abilities.

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Performance and Productivity

Do you know what motivates your staff?

We're researching the drivers for staff engagement and performance, which can be critical in attracting and retaining the best staff. If 30+ staff complete an online assessment you get a detailed team analysis plus the eventual research findings. Completely free. If taking part in this project could help with your staffing and business issues, please do get in touch.

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Thirdphase Coaching

Improving Leadership AND Wellbeing

Who are your SHARP Leaders?

High performance is a combination of factors which enable leaders to deal with the day to day and crises while sustaining resilience and perspective while also managing personal needs. If you and your leaders would benefit from a comprehensive programme which will develop your strengths, health, engagement, relationships and purpose then please learn more by following this link.

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Thirdphase Coaching

Achieving Transformational Leadership

Develop, engage and retain your top talent

We use GapFlix to identify the competence gaps of employees against 10 leadership competencies. Using a simple online assessment you can find the strengths and development needs of leaders and those you're thinking of promoting. With these insights you can develop individuals, groups and your whole organisation. Follow the link below to find out more.

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Are you achieving the business results you expect and need?

Are you able to attract the right people to your organisation and keep them once you’ve invested in them?

Are you constantly firefighting staff issues or micromanaging to make sure things are done the way you want?

Do you have the people you need for the future of the business?

Third Phase helps businesses to attract, develop, engage and keep the people that fit their values and purpose.

You’re running a successful company which has grown steadily over a number of years.

But there are worries about the future. Expansion is being limited by the struggle to fill vacancies. Those you employ are leaving with greater frequency. It’s hard to identify those with potential to fill leadership positions. Ambitious plans for the future are on hold while the constant burden of the day to day gets in the way.

These problems are common across every sector.

Turnover has increased, retention is harder and employees are much more willing to move on that they once were. If the culture doesn’t match what they are looking for, they won’t stay. And then there is the problem of head-hunters, who are constantly trying to lure away your best people.

What can you do about it?

You’ve tried better pay, flexible working hours, even allowing home based working etc. But you haven’t found the magic bullet. Unfortunately, there isn’t one answer that suits everyone. It’s an entirely individual thing and broad brush initiatives can’t address individual needs.

We start somewhere different.

Third Phase uses data analytics so you know what is important to every member of your team. With that information you’re able to target the rewards that actually matter to each person.
And, even more importantly, you will have the information you need to discuss what they need to deliver in order to earn the rewards that matter to them.

Third Phase have been working with businesses for over 10 years. We’re changing the world one company at a time. How? By changing the relationship between owners and their businesses, leaders and their teams and staff and their employers. Delivering commitment, engagement and fulfilment to all, and in doing so creating sustainable, profitable and ambitious businesses.

If you want to understand more about the sort businesses we work with, please follow link below-

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