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Improving Staff Engagement in Government Agencies

There’s an interesting article from the US Federal News Network on improving engagement in the Secret Service – the men and women that protect the president. This highly motivated organisation suffered a dramatic drop in staff engagement and an increase in turnover due to serious budget restrictions. These led to longer shifts, unpaid overtime […] READ ARTICLE

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Getting Recruitment Right From the Start

In my work with SME businesses over more than 10 years been clear that getting the right person in the right role is the essential step in having an effective organisation. But recruitment is often made under pressure to replace an unexpected vacancy or to support an increasing workload. In these circumstances, I have seen […] READ ARTICLE

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How would ‘Engaging and Retaining” help my business?

A lot of business owners have concerns about ‘engagement and retention’. It can seem a bit touchy-feely, it sounds as though they have to make their employees ‘happy’ all the time. Isn’t it only going to build expectations of pay rises? In this article, I’m going to help you look at the costs of poor […] READ ARTICLE

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Do you talk to them when they leave?

Do you talk to them when they leave? Why not talk to them when they stay! We’re in a time where levels of employment are higher than they’ve been since the 1970s. That has serious implications for businesses. Not only is it harder to recruit new staff but there is the constant risk of head-hunters […] READ ARTICLE