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On this page you’ll find out the results you can expect from working with us, our guiding beliefs and what makes our approach to consultancy different

What is it like to work with Third Phase?

We bring specific solutions to specific issues you’re having with your team. Whether it’s recruiting the right people, getting the right fit with roles, developing leaders for the future, dealing with high turnover or identifying where the problems are with productivity and performance we have the tools to help. But we often find the problem we’re brought in to deal with is a symptom and the underlying problem needs a different approach. We combine detailed analysis with a broad span of interventions that will deliver an organisation that is flexible, profitable and one that all who are part of can be proud of.

Expected Results

You’ll get the right person in the right seat every time. Whether recruiting new staff or developing those already in post your decisions will be evidence-based and progress will be measurable.

You will know what drives both individuals and teams. With this knowledge, you will improve engagement and productivity, reduce staff turnover and attract the people you want.

The way teams work together will be transformed. Internal and inter-team tensions will disappear as understanding and cooperation improve. Customer service and overall quality will see substantial improvement too.

Leadership will improve at every level. Detailed analysis of roles allows targeted development to equip every manager with the skills needed to perform at their best.

You’ll develop a comprehensive talent development and succession planning approach. You’ll understand the needs of every role and be able to analyse each individual’s potential and development needs. Personal development and performance management will be targeted and effective.

Our guiding beliefs:

Change is your number one priority. You cannot continue the way things are. We are committed to working with you, developing your plans and supporting you in making the changes you need.

Business success is about more than profit. Finances are only one measure of success, the values and purpose of the company are equally important. If each is not serving the other then motivation, morale and fulfilment will suffer.

There are reserves of untapped potential in you and your team. Change is threatening, but you and your colleagues have the capacity to grow personally, professionally and as a team.

You need results. The problem you’re addressing needs quick, effective action and, once the crisis has passed, you will take what you’re learned in-house and manage any repeat yourselves.

Our approach:

What makes our approach to consulting different?

We enable you to assess talent by manager, department or the entire organisation. You get the power to build effective teams, create the right culture, identify behavioural competencies and retain your talent.

Sound interesting?

Now you have a better idea of the results you can expect through working with us as well as our approach and philosophy, follow the button below to learn more about the specific services and programmes we offer.

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