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Engage and Retain

Satisfying the things that drive engagement is critical to attracting and keeping good staff and supporting high performance

Driving performance and productivity through understanding your employee’s needs

Engagement and retention (E&R) are the new buzz words that hold out the prospect of improving your business. But why are they so important? It’s because engaged employees are those who wholeheartedly give discretionary effort to help your company succeed. And discretionary effort can add 20% to the output of every person you work with.

Building the right culture

Using our approach to E&R you can create a culture where employees give their all with clear benefits in performance, profitability, customer retention and even growth. Traditional employee engagement surveys only measure group engagement issues, ignoring the individual data that is crucial to engagement and assuming that all responsibility for engagement rests with management. This ignores individual needs and assumes that engagement is achieved only as a result of good management practices. Not surprisingly, it often fails to achieve the improvements expected.

How can you know what each person wants?

Our approach measures individual engagement as well as group engagement and is based on the assumption that engagement is a shared responsibility between the employee and the organisation. Instead of a questionnaire that rates their managers, employees are asked what is important to them and how well each factor is currently fulfilled. We also identify work preferences which identify the behaviours employees need to demonstrate to fulfil their own expectations. This makes fulfilment a shared responsibility between employee and manager and forms the basis of productive performance reviews.

AND we can track the degree of fulfilment and engagement over time for both teams and individuals.

How does this help you?

You can put employees in the right role, the one that best matches their expectations. You can have team and individual development programmes that build a culture of engagement right across your business. We can teach your managers how to use all this data to improve quality, service and growth.

If you want to understand what really matters to your talent, reduce staff turnover and increase productivity then get in touch with us

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