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Talent & Succession

Plan for, identify and develop the people that will fill vacancies and secure the future of your business

Offer careers – not just jobs

Most businesses follow the traditional way of managing their vacancies. They wait until someone says they’re leaving, or until the workload becomes too much for a member of staff and then start the process of recruitment. If they’re lucky they have the job description they used last time (though it has probably not been reviewed since then) so it’s used for a hurried recruitment process designed to fill the vacancy as quickly as possible.

The recruitment process adds to the work already busy people have to do. Even if the HR department handles the review of CVs, shortlisting, interviewing and induction the line managers will have responsibility for matching the skills of new staff to the specifics of their job. This is when any issues with the job description are discovered. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Internal Talent

With our Talent Management platform, you can identify, at the touch of a button, who are the most suitable internal candidates for your vacancy. If there is no perfect match, the system will also identify the closest fit together with any development needed to bring them up to the required standard. You don’t have to wait until you have the vacancy. You can review all your staff at any time and see who might be suitable for development. In this way you can build a succession plan that meets the needs of both the business and your employees.

Career Planning

What’s more, those same employees can take responsibility for their own development. They can review any roles they might be interested in; see how they measure up and then do the work to improve the match. They can then apply for vacancies – or you will identify them as suitable internal candidates. Staff can also use the system to express interest in both roles and locations. If your business is in multiple locations across a country, a region or the world you can see who is willing to move.

External talent

Using our process for recruitment means applicant data is available within your system. You’ll be able to review the fit of applicants for roles other than the ones they applied for and so do your own head hunting.

Internal Management

You can choose to have us manage all this for you or, after suitable training, integrate the whole process into your internal HR systems.

If you want to move to the most flexible way to handle your succession planning please contact us.

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