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Team & Leadership Development

Having a well-led organisation creates greater engagement, higher performance and improved service delivery.

Create a positive culture and improved business outcomes with focused Leadership and Team Development

We deliver the information you need to develop properly targeted development that will develop your team members, leaders and your whole business. By properly targeting development you can achieve effective change that is quick, cost effective and measurable.

Right person – right job

By comparing the the traits, skills  and behaviours of individuals with the specific criteria for each role, we help you ensure you have the right person with the right skills is in the right place. Having identify the potential for the success of each individual we also know the gaps that development must address in order for them to perform at their best. You can make informed promotion or job rotation decisions and identify each individual’s development needs for future roles.

Performance improvement

By comparing an individual’s behaviours to the proven success factors for a specific job we identify those that can help or hinder success. The individual can then be coached to create the most effective personal development approach, maximise their strengths and deal effectively with the things that might derail their performance.

Individual development plans

We identify the key gaps related to job success and provide clear and practical employee development plans that target each person’s specific needs. These plans are tailored to the specific job or behavioural competency and give stepped exercises to develop the required capability. These plans can be used by the individual themselves, with the help of a coach or by the line manager as a focus for mentoring.

Behavioural competencies

Behavioural competencies are combinations of traits that come together to provide specific skill-sets such as leading people, strategic thinking, problem solving, innovation, communication, coaching, collaboration, resilience and perseverance. If necessary we also develop bespoke behavioural competencies that to match the specific needs of any organisation. These can then be used for both role development and talent management.

Assess your leadership team

Customised leadership analytics, matched to your specific business, identify how well your existing team has the skills to deliver your strategic plan. We identify and measure the competencies needed for each senior managerial role and the appropriate development plan to build the team you need to achieve your goals.

Empowering managers to engage staff

Engagement is an individual phenomenon. We empower managers by providing the information they need to understand and foster the engagement of each of their people. Provided with the roadmap to each person’s aspirations, expectations and related behaviours the manager is able to have constructive, focused and productive discussions with each person.

Manage your talent pool

Using our succession planning approach you can build a leadership pipeline that delivers the properly equipped appointees when you need them. At the same time each employee can be equipped to plan their career development and identify the future roles they aspire to. These twin approaches give you the power to manage vacancies, identify potential and plan your future positively.

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