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Who we serve

Third Phase clients are commonly small to medium sized businesses with between 50 and 250 staff that provide professional services across the UK and sometimes internationally.

Is this you?

Our clients are companies in the Third Phase of the business cycle. They have grown successfully, employ from 50 to 250 people but have now plateaued. The approaches that previously delivered success are no longer working and the company metrics are flat or declining. Their previously great work environment is now often tense or has conflict. Staff turnover is higher and individual commitment seems lower.

Do any of these issues strike a chord with you?

Our Ideal Clients

The clients who are most successful working with us often share the following traits:

They recognise that businesses need to change as they grow.

They’re willing to commit the time and energy to take stock, refocus and change the things that aren’t working.

They realise their internal resources need boosting with external expertise to develop new approaches that will support organisational and personal development.

They are willing to invest in their people and want a culture of mutual benefit and trust.

If you recognise your environment is some or all of this and want to understand how we achieve our results, please click on the green button below-

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